Space Jam E-Juice Flavors

This is a review about Space jam e juice. This is more specifically about Space jam Starship 1. This kind is a vanilla custard kiwi base, keep in mind that it doesn’t say on the website page specifically about the VG PG rations. However when comparing this particular juice it’s a very high PG, and of a very good quality. The color of this juice is reminiscent of a peach flesh tone type of shade. This particular juice takes the cake when compared to other fruit like juices, it is far superior to the others. Vanilla custard and kiwi is the specific type you want to look for. Now Space Jam Robo fuel is the newer line of space jam juices. Back in November of 2013, when the company was founded, they had a lot of different flavors, that they presently do not have. Presently is not called just Space Jam, but Space Jam Robo Fuel. Their older flavors also had this particular kind of Space Jam Robo fuel. They had several flavors at that time, Milky Way, Venus. They basically based many of their flavors at that time off of galaxies and space type of themes. Perhaps they will bring back some of the older flavors again, because like these newer ones, the older ones were excellent too. The company is on a winning streak as far as really have a superior quality of products. The Venus brand was very similar to Honey Comb cereal. It’s an overall awesome product, all of the flavors, the older ones and the newer ones. It would be nice if some of the older juices could come back too, since I haven’t tried every one of them.

This Starship 1 Vanilla Custard Kiwi flavor is really amazing. It has this real creaminess with the vanilla custard. Then kiwi comes on, and it comes on not real lightly but really very strong. Kiwi lover are just marveling at this juice, and it’s drawing in new Kiwi lovers too. The vape has great cloud production, great great flavor, and not a real heavy throat hit. It’s very smooth, it’s actually very smooth, the throat hit is there. I would say it’s a medium to light throat hit, it’s a really good smooth flavor especially with the custard. It compares somewhat to The Standard’s Frankenvape, and that is a marshmallow kiwi. Which marshmallow and vanilla custard are kind of similar flavors, they both have this creaminess that comes on with the kiwi. It stands out well above the other juices that have just the plain kiwi in them. It gives this nice creamy element added in the background of the Kiwi flavor. It really does something special for this juice. It’s starting to become one of my favorite custard fruit blends. I’m not a plain tobacco fan, this is much more preferable, especially for the smooth creamy effect. This is a very high quality juice, as all the products from this line. Out of all the brands I’ve tried, I prefer the Starship 1, is one of my all time favorite juices. You can try all the space jam e juice flavors at eJuice Farm and see which flavor is your favorite.