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Life in Denver

Let’s Look At Denver For Fun Things To Do

Denver has no lack of things to do anytime of the day or night. As many outstanding and unique attractions await those who desire a place to “hang out” in Denver, residents and visitors alike find several places in the downtown area alone that make taking lunch breaks or shopping an enjoyable experience.

Historic Places Abound In Denver

denver historyDenver’s Union Station, a dynamic hub with entertainment, travel information and a brand new Farmer’s Market facility on certain days a week, offers nine restaurants and eateries for your specific enjoyment.

In addition, more than three shopping outlets are conveniently located at historic Union Station with unique and exciting wares from the Denver area and elsewhere.

If you’ve ever heard of the HMS Titanic, then you’ve probably heard of “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” and the hit Broadway show and motion picture starring Debbie Reynolds. Molly Brown’s 1889 mansion house is still there with its Victorian-era decor and art; so prepare for a worthwhile two-hour visit.

Explore Denver’s Cultural Climate

denver cultureWell-known nationally, and internationally as well, for its thriving cultural environment and art district, Denver’s lure and appeal to art lovers will appeal to families or adults alike.

You’ll learn why the Mile-High City continues to fascinate those lovers of art exhibits and museums as well as prestigious displays of the art world are present to Denver residents as well as visitors.

The Museo de las Americas, the Clyfford Still Museum and the Denver Museum of Art among many others offer much in the way of exciting and thought-provoking artworks.

Especially interesting is the Black-American Museum of the West, where displays and exhibits present a historic look at Black-Americans who contributed to the settling of the Wild, Wild West.