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Some of the most vibrant neighborhoods within the city offer an abundance of boutiques and fine art galleries to enjoy. The city boasts three predominant art gallery neighborhoods

The River North Art District is “where the local art is made. The area is also home to microcraft breweries, great restaurants and amazing street art displayed on nearly every corner.

The Highlands neighborhood is dotted with lovely Victorian-era homes. It is also filled with chic’ restaurants, lush gardens and many highly talented local art galleries for art lovers to enjoy as well as a famous ice cream shop offering wonderful cool treats from the design of a giant milk can.

The Art District on Santa Fe is well known throughout the city as a haven for art lovers with more than 60 art galleries dotted throughout the area to visit and enjoy. The area also has some amazing bright and colorful outdoor murals, which highlight some of the region’s deep Hispanic roots.

One of the city’s premier shopping areas is known as, Cherry Creek, It is located just 5 minutes from downtown Denver. It boasts the region’s most premier shopping area with over 16 blocks of non-stop shopping options. Cherry Creek has everything from private independently owned boutiques and upscale Shoppe’s to the Cherry Creek North area which has popular upscale brands. Most of the main upscale shopping stores are located in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center which is located right near the lush Denver Botanical Gardens.

It also has Park Meadows which is Colorado’s largest shopping venue. It’s located just outside the downtown area. This shopping hub is filled with a variety of amazing boutiques and premier outlets. It is filled with antique boutiques, Western Wear Shoppe’s and featuring top outlet stores like Ann Taylor, Aeropostale, American Girls, Bath and Body Works, Coach, Crate and Barrel, Macy’s, Nordstrom and more.

Festivals, Sporting Venues and Events

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The Denver area is well known to be home to the regions premier entertainment options. From top name concert performances to comedy clubs, opera’s, symphonies, film festivals and more there is no lack of diverse entertainment for locals and visitors.

As for sporting arenas, every season brings new excitement to the city. In fact, the city is second to none in the entire Mid-west for sports. Denver is home to The Denver Nugget’s NBA basketball team, the Colorado Rockies MLB baseball team, the Colorado Avalanche NHL team, the Denver Bronco’s NFL team and the Colorado Rapids MLS -Major League Soccer team and premier national Rodeo events. With so many options, there is always something to do all year long in this vibrant city that is bustling with so many ways to enjoy being in the heart of the cross-roads to the American Mid-west.